About Hagai M. Segal

Renowned for his ability to explain and contextualise constantly evolving global political events and crises, Hagai M. Segal is a leading authority on geopolitical issues, strategic risk, the Middle East and counter-terrorism.

At the centre of what Hagai does best is his unique ability to look beyond the obvious headlines or superficial news analyses, and pin-point pivotal connections between international scenarios as they unfold. He uses these valuable insights to deliver highly topical keynote speeches on an international stage, helping corporations, financial institutions, business groups, NGOs, police forces and security agencies make sense of the increasingly complicated and globalised world we live in. He also consults for and advises many of these organisations, helping them anticipate and mitigate the risks associated with current world affairs.

An academic with New York University in London, and a guest lecturer at universities across the globe, Hagai frequently contributes to the international media (including the BBC, ITV, The Guardian, The South China Morning Post, CNN, Reuters, Sky News and CNBC Europe).

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➤  Global Geopolitics

➤  Middle East Affairs

➤  Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

➤  Politically-Motivated Cyber Threats

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The Expert

An award-winning lecturer and UN recognised expert, Hagai’s insight and thought-leadership is often called on globally by national and international media outlets, including major newspapers, publications, TV and radio.

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The Speaker

Drawing from his extensive experience and expertise Hagai is a much sought-after keynote speaker, for clients and conferences worldwide, including those whose core business is unrelated to geopolitical risk or security but who have come to understand the profound impacts these issues have on their operations. His talks are always compelling and challenging.

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The Consultant

Hagai’s authoritative perspective on global strategic, political and economic patterns – and years of experience as a consultant and advisor globally – makes him a valuable source of intelligence for any international organisation looking to understand, predict and minimise risks that could profoundly affect its operations.

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